A Nutrition Course for Women who want to keep holiday weight gain DOWN and sanity and satisfaction UP. 

This 6 week course begins on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13th

With Fall Food Freedom You Will:

  • Feel confident in the face of cravings 
  • Learn how trying to harness more willpower is setting you back
  • Stop feeling powerless around food
  • Quit dieting for LIFE and learn how to eat for YOUR body 
  • Enjoy food MORE without silly rules, restrictions or GUILT
  • Learn how to build TRULY satisfying meals and eat without feeling deprived

What if you could get through the holiday hustle without falling off your nutrition routine, feeling guilty or yo-yo-ing your weight?

Fall Food Freedom is a 6-week nutrition and lifestyle program for women designed to help do JUST that.

It is not a “quick fix weight loss program”, it's the alternative - and the solution - to quick fix weight loss programs and the struggles caused by them. It's for women who want healthy bodies, sound minds, and permanent lasting freedom from food obsession. 

FFF doesn't focus on restriction and deprivation, but moderation and satisfaction. There won't be any "on" and "off", "good" and "bad", "starting over" or "cheating", just learning how to eat in a way that incities true, lasting change.  

How It Works:

The Fall Food Freedom program takes place entirely online starting Monday, November 13th. Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll recieve a series of e-mails containing your habits, lessons and tools.

You'll also have access to the other FFF women, your new tribe, in the program via a private Facebook group.

What’s Included:  

  • A weekly lean eating nutrition habit to teach you the exact foundations of how to eat healthy (no matter what social situation you're in) without ever dieting again and how to implement each seamlessly into YOUR life, with each habit building on the previous
  • 1-2 weekly mindset lessons to help heal your relationship with food and get right to the center of the issues that are getting you stuck the most, so that you can not only have your cake and eat it too, but DROP the guilt and the urge to binge on more 
  • A private Facebook community group for 24/7 support from me as your coach and your new FFF tribe where we will be keeping one another accountable, checking in daily with our progress and struggles, and chatting all things nutrition, fitness, mindset and girl talk 
  • Worksheets, recipes and habit trackers galore  

…but most of all accountability, support, education and consistency in a time when most of us usually just say f*ck it.

And What's the Cost?

One investment of $157 (that's $26 per week!)

What happens when you click "Save My Spot Now"?  

Once you submit your name and e-mai address, you can expect an e-mail repy from me within 12 hours with your next steps to gettig on board!


Unlike mass-produced nutrition coaching programs that allow for hundreds of clients under one coach, Fall Food Freedom is strict about keeping the coach to client ratio small enough for everybody to get the personal attention they deserve and for quality to remain high.


About Erika

A strength and nutrition coach, two wheel lover and cheeseburger lover, I've helped hundreds of women step off the diet roller coaster, and start living their strongest, healthiest lives - eating and working out in ways that enhance their life instead of breaking them down and burning them out.  

I help women be as strong, healthy, confident, and in charge of their bodies as they can be. 

Questions about Fall Food Freedom? Reach out - Erika@HurstStrength.com