Lose body fat, increase definition and get in badass shape with SUPER short workouts.

In this FREE Guidebook You'll:

  • Learn why you MUST dramatically shorten your workouts for the best fat-loss results
  • Discover the method for devastatingly effective physique change compared to long, boring cardio workouts or “toning” classes 
  • How to combine strength and cardio for a ferocious total body workout done in 15 minutes - so you can have a life *outside* of the gym

#FitIn15 is your exact solution to "I don't have time to workout". You'll get 15 strength-focused circuits that can be done in 15 minutes with minimal equipment and at any ability level, allowing you to stay in shape 365 days per year.

Hi! I'm Erika Hurst, creator of Fit In 15 and owner of Hurst Strength. In my almost ten years in the fitness industry, I've learned firsthand what works and what doesn't - not to mention working with hundreds of women, I've seen what their biggest roadblocks are to getting the results they want: lack of time and consistency, and the wrong type of exercise. 

That's how the idea for Fit In 15 was born. I wanted to create something that combined moderate strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into one workout that will help you get leaner, build muscle, move better and feel better without spending hours in the gym.

PLUS, you'll be so pumped with your results, how vibrant you feel and how engaging your Fit In 15 workouts are that you'll actually WANT to come back for more (trust me, it happens with ALL of my clients)!